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The INSERM UMR 1064-Center for Research in Transplantation and Immunology/ITUN in Nantes (France) launched in 2011 an International Progreffe Foundation Program for doctoral/postdoctoral positions that is funded by the Fondation Progreffe ( In 2015, a call is open for one doctoral fellowship. This Program aims to recruit a highly-motivated student to work with a young investigator of our Center. The PhD position will cover 3 year salary and will end with the presentation of a thesis and the delivery of a PhD diploma by the University of Nantes. Research activity and training will be in a strong research environment, with participations to at least one national or international meeting per year.

The INSERM unit 1064 is part of the French national biomedical research organization (INSERM) and comprises laboratories and animal facilities (3,000 m2). The INSERM unit 1064 is also part of the Nantes University Hospital Transplantation Institute (ITUN). Research at the INSERM UMR1064 is organized in 5 research teams, is presently staffed by 165 people and houses several core facilities (small and large animal facilities, molecular biology, CRISPRs/Cas9, lentiviral vector production, high-speed cell sorting, microsurgery, antibody purification and rat transgenesis). Research areas spun Transplantation Immunology, Autoimmunity, Molecular & Cell Biology, Infectious Diseases, Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells with strong interfaces with clinical departments. Clinical and research areas are housed in the same building, which is located within the Nantes University Hospital. The biomedical campus brings together several other INSERM units and houses more than 900 faculty staff with several core facilities (e.g. confocal imaging, DNA microarrays, DNA sequencing, production of viral gene vectors).

Progreffe Foundation is a charitable foundation formed by companies that fund research performed at the ITUN (

Applicants are asked to choose only one project from the ones proposed (attached document) by July 20th.  Each hosting team in the INSERM unit proposes one project. The best three candidates will be interviewed on site or by skype for final selection on the first week of August. The PhD program will start in the fall 2015 for 3 years.

The city of Nantes offers a culturally active, young and dynamic environment. Nantes has an international airport, is conveniently located within 45 min drive from some beautiful sea resorts located on the French Atlantic coast and 2 hours high-speed train from Paris.

Documents required to apply:
– Curriculum Vitae
– Motivation letter
– At least two references and/or recommendation letters
– A statement of research experience and interests

Send to Angelina JOURDAN

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